Online ‘Estate Agents’ first emerged around 2010, largely run via call centres & websites they generally require the seller to do a lot of the work themselves. Undoubtedly the biggest selling point online agents will promote is the ‘discounted’ fee.

We’ve put together a simplified table below as to what you could expect to receive from an Online Agent Vs our Full Estate Agency Service.

Please note we have made generalisations based on extensive research regarding the service levels provided from multiple online agents and what is / isn’t included in their services

Online Agency 3Keys Property Estate Agency Service
Most online agents will charge an up-front fee; if their fee is payable in advance, should you question their motivation for selling and indeed attracting best price or best buyer for your property? No fee payable in advance or indeed until your property completes.

With payment on completion, we guarantee a proactive approach to selling your property, our staff will actively engage with the target market to secure best price and best buyer.

Extras – you may be charged ‘extras’ for preparing property details / taking photos & videos / putting a board up / floorplans & viewings The fee we quote at the time of your valuation is fully inclusive, there will be no ‘add-ons’ at a later date.
Cancellation fee / tie in; many online agents can keep you tied into contract for as long as 6 months and then apply expensive cancellation fees. No sale no fee – whilst we do request a 24 week sole agency period, if we do not sell your property we will not charge you a fee. If you choose to withdraw your listing, we would rather leave the door open for you to come back to us in the future.
Conveyancing Services / Mortgage Broker; many online services not only tie you into using their ‘linked’ services generating additional streams of guaranteed revenue for them, but also use your property as ‘bait’ to sell these additional services to those enquiring about your listing as well. If you need help, support or guidance, we are happy to recommend qualified & reliable local conveyancers & mortgage brokers to assist with these services, however you have no obligation to use them.
Agent – many online agencies now claim to have ‘local’ experts, however consider the geographical local they are appointed to cover.
It also may be worth enquiring as to the nature of your agents’ background, were they selling double glazing before this role?
Our business is in the heart of Auckley, serving Doncaster, Retford and surrounding areas. Our staff have lived and worked in these locations and in this industry for years. They have a wealth of invaluable local area and industry knowledge.
Contact – call centre / website. You will receive a true face to face service, the agent who comes out to value your property will help you navigate the entire process from listing, viewing, negotiations, right through to overseeing the completion and key handover.
You are welcome to call, email or pop in to our office anytime to see our

Of course, we will sing the strengths of our full Estate Agency Service, we firmly believe the service we deliver will far surpass that of any online agency!

If it’s impartial advice you are seeking take a read of this independent study completed by ‘The Advisory’ on Online Vs Traditional Estate Agencies

Online Vs Traditional – an extract from a research study conducted by ‘The Advisory’

After telling an online agent The Advisory had decided not to use their services and instead were going to instruct a high street estate agent…

The online firm claimed:

High street agents (like online estate agents) will find your buyer by listing your property on Rightmove.

And inferred:

Both high street agents and online agents will get you the same end result.

And suggested:

The only difference between the two types of agency is that online agents charge £1,000’s less in fees.

We wanted to find out if they’re right. Or if a strategically chosen ‘no sale no fee’ high street estate agent will get you a superior result? Unsurprisingly, this research confirms that estate agency services that just list property on Rightmove (or any of the other main property portals) will indeed generate:

  • Viewings
  • Offers
  • Sometimes even the best possible result (albeit only 27% of the time)

What may surprise you is just how much added value the right high street estate agent brings to the table…
Our study shows using the right high street estate agent can:

  • Increase viewing numbers by 48%
  • Increase offer numbers by 64%
  • Generate a more secure buyer (or buyer willing to pay a better price) 73% of the time.
  • Secure a 5% higher sale price (compared to using a Rightmove listing service).

Key Takeaway:

  • Without the involvement of a high street estate agent, 73% of the homes we sold would either; not have sold, taken longer to sell or needed a price reduction.

Proactive local estate agents get you more – Much more!
Our research shows the best local estate agents will get you a 5% higher sale price that the best online or hybrid estate agents.

Don’t pick up the pennies only to step over the pounds by being seduced by the cheap fees of the “online only” agents. Find the best estate agent for you by reviewing how successful your local estate agents are at selling homes like yours.


It is fair to say the best internet only estate agents are just as good (even a little better) than your ‘average’ high street estate agency.

The best high street estate agents provide the gold standard when it comes to achieving the highest ‘walkaway figure’ from your sale.

The best national internet only listing agents can’t touch the best high street estate agents.
Listing property on the portals (Rightmove, Zoopla etc..) and waiting for the phone to ring is a fundamentally inferior sales strategy compared to listing property on the portals plus (+) proactive and focused engagement with a targeted buyer database (a.k.a. – high street estate agency hustle).

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