Curb Appeal

Potential buyers will often drive by a property to assess its curb appeal prior to booking a viewing; try objectively comparing your property to neighbouring properties – how does it compare? You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression! Perhaps consider:

  • Cutting the lawns & weeding
  • Cleaning windows & doors
  • Clearing gutters out
  • Tidying children’s toys & bikes away
  • Replacing worn-out door mats
  • Keep bins / recycle boxes out of sight if possible

Inside Your Home

Get Rid of the Clutter

Remove any unnecessary ‘stuff’, rooms full of mis-matched furniture or an over-supply of personal details can make rooms look too busy; create a sense of space & calm by clearing:

  • Books, ornaments & knick-knacks
  • Kitchen appliances that currently live on the counters
  • Posters on bedroom walls and doors
  • Children’s toys

Many of these items can be boxed up and stored in your loft or garage for a few weeks whilst marketing takes place; demonstrating your home has adequate storage is essential.

Rectify Outstanding Minor Repairs

The sale of your home could be hindered by minor details that you no longer ‘see’. Prospective buyers will be viewing your home with a critical eye and will soon pick up on minor defects!

  • Fix doors & drawers which don’t close properly
  • Repair cracks in walls
  • Give the walls a fresh lick of paint
  • Replace broken lightbulbs
  • Fix leaky taps
  • Eradicate odours – a house that smells (smoke / pets / cooking) can be a real turn off to viewers

Spring Clean

Arrange a full deep clean of the property paying extra attention to:

  • Skirting boards & door frames
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Professional carpet clean
  • Polish taps & mirrors
  • Bleach tile grout
  • Professionally clean the oven & hob
  • Bathrooms – ensure the bathrooms are clean, no hairs in the sink, limescale or dirty toilet pans, these are a big no no.
  • Make sure there are no cobwebs!

Garden Maintenance

Don’t neglect your outdoor space… it is essential that whatever outdoor space you have is maintained according to season

  • Weeding, cutting the grass, and tidying up the garden furniture are a few cost-effective ways to make the most of the outdoor space and your house even more appealing.