Holding deposit

3Keys Property will charge up to the equivalent of 1 weeks’ rent in order to secure a property. This will be refunded (deducted from the total balance due) at the check‐in, trusting the check‐in takes place within 15 days from the date of application, or if another date is agreed by all parties in writing.

Placing a holding deposit on a property does not guarantee you the tenancy, all correspondence is subject to contract.

Early termination

Should you wish to terminate your fixed term Tenancy Agreement early, you will be liable for all rent up to and including the end of the current fixed term OR

The landlords set up fee of £390.00 inc VAT plus rent up to and including the date a new tenant takes occupancy.

Early Termination options are subject to the landlord’s approval.

Changes to tenancy agreement

If you wish to make changes to the Tenancy Agreement mid‐tenancy i.e. remove a tenant or add a tenant, this will be subject to the landlord’s approval, and you will be charged £48 inc VAT for a new Tenancy Agreement.

With regard to adding a tenant, we are lawfully obliged to complete a Right to Rent check on any prospective tenant; and are permitted to cover our ‘reasonable costs’ in this respect. We will charge £48 inc VAT for the Right to Rent. Check in addition to the new Tenancy Agreement cost.

Adding or removing tenants is subject to the landlord’s approval.


A minimum of 1 months’ rent will be payable on or prior to the start date of the tenancy; with subsequent rental payments being made by standing order monthly thereafter on or prior to your rent due date. The rent due date is determined by the start date of your Tenancy Agreement (monthly thereafter).


For tenancies where the landlord is considering a pet, they may wish to negotiate a slightly higher monthly rental in light of this.

Security deposit

We would usually request the equivalent of 1 calendar months’ rent as a security deposit, however on occasions may request up to a maximum of the equivalent of 5 weeks’ rent at the landlord’s discretion.

The security deposit is payable at or prior to the start date of the tenancy and will be protected with one of the government authorised schemes within the allocated time frame.

(For Managed tenancies the Agent will do this, for Let Only tenancies this is your landlord’s responsibility).