Following the latest Government guidance in relation to Covid-19, here’s what to expect when viewing a property with our agency.

No hand shake

Unfortunately we won’t be able to greet you with a hand shake, fist pump, elbow tap or other variation thereof! Please don’t be offended.


It is compulsory to wear a face covering; we will not be able to allow access for your viewing without this.


We recommend viewers not to touch any surfaces where possible, however would recommend that you bring with you and wear your own disposable gloves in the event that it is unavoidable (to touch door handles etc).


Our staff will carry sanitising spray and will sanitise the main entry & exit door handles between viewings.

Social distancing

It is essential that we comply to social distancing (min 2m at all times), our staff therefore may not physically show you every room first hand, you may be invited to explore certain parts of a property unaccompanied.

15 minute time slot

We are currently capping viewing times at a maximum of 15 minutes. Please arrive on time as we have back-to-back viewings booked on most listings.

Online viewings

Most of our properties now have an option to view online; we would always recommend to view online first where possible.


Please do not bring extended family members, friends, children or pets along to viewings, we will only be able to grant access to the prospective viewer, anyone else will unfortunately have to wait outside to minimise face to face contact.

Feeling unwell?

It is imperative that you do not attend a viewing appointment if you are feeling unwell with any symptoms of COVID-19 which include (but are not limited to) a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss of smell or taste. Please contact the office to cancel your appointment.

We hope you understand the revised safety measures we have put in place are to protect both our staff as well as our clients, if you require and further clarification please do not hesitate to contact the office or read more on the UK Governments Coronavirus website.